Welcome to Bells Seafood Scrabster

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Here at Bells Seafood we pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality Salmon and White fish on the market for the likes of The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) they are the leading producer and one of our main providers of the finest quality Scottish Salmon operating across the remote Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland. We are fully engaged in all stages of the supply chain from net to plate from freshwater and marine farming through to processing filleting ,and sales, ensuring full traceability and supply chain integrity at all times our wholesale service is second to none . Our Suppliers are the only salmon producer in Europe to be awarded a four-star Best Aquaculture Practice accreditation for our freshwater, marine and processing sites and for sourcing feed from BAP-certified suppliers.

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Welcome to Bells Seafood Scrabster

We are a seafood supplier based in Scrabster on the north coast of Scotland. Scrabster is renowned for its quality fish and shellfish, our aim is to bring this local produce to the Highlands of Scotland quickly to retain freshness.
We current supply hotels and restaurants across the north of Scotland but if you would like to try some of the best seafood Scotland has to offer, do not hesitate in contacting us to hear our competitive prices. Orders over £100 come with free delivery!

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Welcome to Bells Seafood Scrabster

We are based in Scrabster fishing port renown for quality fresh fish and shellfish.
Orders over £100 also come with Free Delivery.